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Why the world doesn’t need Superman

Why the world doesn’t need Superman

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What if Superman existed in real life? Would he be the hero of comic lore, or would he be like most other human beings (since he was raised as a human)?

Human nature would suggest that complete and total power corrupts completely and totally.  But since this guy is “Super”, would he be above that?

Does the world really need to have a single human being with God-like power that they can put their faith in? To save them from terrible spoils, and basically to dictate what is good and what is not? My personal opinion would be no, the world does not need a Superman.

What would be world government views on a Superman? Given the track record of world governments and their solidarity in protecting the “people”, it would be likely that they would do what they could to suppress even the knowledge of, or deny the existence of such a person as Superman. Governments would scheme some way to hold and imprison such a being or possibly even destroy him. Although I am sure they would do a complete biologic study and mental examination of him.

Ok, all that being said. If he did exist and was competent, intelligent, and inclined to saving us from ourselves, do we really want him to save us? What is moral to one person is immoral or obscene to the other.

I also think it not very sensible to think he would be running/flying around in blue tights and a cape. Looking at the image below, Tom Welling probably most represents what a real Superman would be dressed like.



Excerpt From The Daily Planet

Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman

– By Lois Lane

Metropolis. For five long years the world has stared into the sky, waiting, hoping and praying for his return. We’ve spent our days asking where he went, debating why he left and wondered is he even alive. Perhaps he left us for another world, a world in peril, a world in greater need of a saviour. Is it selfish desire him for ourselves? Are we expected to share the man we’ve come to love or did we do something wrong?

Did we take him for granted? Perhaps we did. Maybe we all did, it’s not our fault. We are far from super. Yet a mother will accept her children regardless of their misfortunes. Why have you rejected us for ours? Perhaps we’re a lost cause unworthy of help and doomed to continue on a path of self-destruction. He has moved on, helping others with a foreseeable future of peace and harmony. Continue reading ‘Why the world doesn’t need Superman’


The People vs. Larry Flynt – Watch the full feature film now free. – Crackle

The People vs. Larry Flynt – Watch the full feature film now free. – Crackle.

Continue reading ‘The People vs. Larry Flynt – Watch the full feature film now free. – Crackle’


Richmond, VA. Snow Pictures

Took these pics from my apartment this morning. It is supposed to keep snowing all afternoon and into the night. Maybe another 4 or 6 inches.

We already have about 6 to 8 inches on the ground, and it rained this morning. Now the temp is supposed drop into the 20’s this afternoon. That means all the snow and rain already on the ground is going to freeze solid, and the new snow is going to cover it up.

People in Richmond are horrible when it comes to dealing with the snow. If the forecast calls for an inch, they clean out the milk and bread isles at the grocery store, and line up at the pumps to fill up their vehicles (although, most of them are not going to be driving during the storm), and shut down every school within 20 miles.

Wonder what the people that live in upstate NY think about that? I can easily guess! Trust me, if you have never seen lake effect snow first hand, you really don’t have a clue as to what that really means. Imagine 54 inches of snow in 24 hours….uh huh, that’s right.

Hey Richmond, VA., be cool, stay off the road, and the DOT will have everything cleaned up in a day. I am sure most of you can suffer staying off the friggin road for a day.  All will be well, relax, have a beer, smoke a joint, build a snowman. Whatever keeps your ass at home and off the highways.


Thank you truck drivers, and Merry Christmas!

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Thank you truck drivers

Thank you truck drivers and Merry Christmas!

I was thinking about where I was last Christmas Eve. On the Pennsylvania Turnpike somewhere heading toward home.

My thoughts turn toward those truckers still out there on the road, and I just wanted to say , “thanks”. I spent the better part of the last 20 years running that open road, driving, driving, driving the nights away, listening to one radio station after the other and sometimes just listening to the highway roll by under my feet, and the droning hum of the big diesel engine whining the time away. All the C.B Rambo’s. All those night spent in the sleeper cab, bunking alone, thinking of what wife and kids were doing right at that moment. Making a phone call is nice, but just isn’t the same as being there. So, I know from experience the hardships and trials of the truck driver. I am not speaking from idle daydream or quoting someone else. I have driven coast to coast, top to bottom, and everything in between. Canada in January, the NY Thruway in the lake effect snows. Thrown down, broke down, laid down, and still kept on trucking. Because no matter how long it takes, that load still needs to be delivered.

So one more time … Hey Truck Drivers! Thank you for working for America!

And Merry Christmas! God Speed and Bless every one of my highway brothers! Be careful, stay safe out there and get home to your loved ones this Holiday Season!

On the road again

On the road again


UFC 107 BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video, Dec. 12 From Memphis

UFC 107 BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video, Dec. 12 From Memphis –

Watch the entire fight here!

BJ Penn vs. Sanchez fight video is still hot a few days after UFC 107 took Memphis, Tennessee by storm.  Davidson County UFC fans trekked a short distance to nearby Memphis in order to see BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez in this highly anticipated fight.  Those that went to the match got a show that was worth the money they shelled out for tickets, as Penn left Sanchez in quite a mess.

Penn vs Sanchez

Penn vs Sanchez

Sanchez was left with a gash on his forehead, and welts around both eyes.  The fighter also had a bleeding ear.  Despite his injuries, Sanchez didn’t give up – it was the referee that ended the match. According to, “The final round began with a familiar pattern of Sanchez trying, and failing, to get Penn to the mat in order to mount an attack. Finally, the look on Sanchez’ face began to show frustration, and then a kick to the head by Penn opened up a nasty gash on the challenger’s forehead. With blood covering his face, referee Herb Dean brought in the Octagonside physician, who recommended that the bout be halted. Dean agreed, stopping the fight at the 2:37 mark.”

Those that missed the fight can still see the full length fight video.  The video is over 30 minutes long, making it a great match-up between two very talented UFC fighters.  Those in Davidson County that purchased tickets are lucky they were so close to the UFC 107 fight.


48 Hour Liquidation sale NEW- Laptops $349.00, 22″ Monitors $139.00

48 Hour Liquidation sale NEW- Laptops $349.00, 22″ Monitors $139.00

eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC - AMD Athlon 64 Processor TF-20 1.6GHz, 2GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, DVDRW, 15.6" Display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC - AMD Athlon 64 Processor TF-20 1.6GHz, 2GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, DVDRW, 15.6" Display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC
The eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC is an affordable, Windows 7 OS and AMD Powered notebook PC that’s perfect for home, business or student use. Running an AMD Athlon 64 TF-20 1.6GHz processor and 2GB of fast DDR2 memory, the eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC is perfect for completing daily tasks like e-mail, web browsing, document and spreadsheet use. You’ll also be able to enjoy digital media like pictures, movies and more. It has a 15.6-inch widescreen LCD display, ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics capability, a 160GB hard drive and a dual Layer DVD optical drive. Additional features include 802.11b/g wireless capability, 5-in-1 media card reader, multiple audio and USB 2.0 ports for peripheral connections, and more. Stay connected to e-mail, friends, the web, as well as everything else in your busy life with the eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • The eMachines eME627-5082 Notebook PC is an affordable, reliable platform for daily computing tasks like email, web browsing, documentation and digital photography and multimedia playback.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Operating System makes things you do every day faster and easier. With faster searching, easier browsing, and simpler ways to connect, there’s fewer clicks between you and what you want to do.
  • 15.6-inch Widescreen 16:9 LCD display capable of 1366×768 resolution and two built in speakers makes digital photos, movies, multimedia and more crisp, clear and easy to see on the go.
  • ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics deliver rich, sharp colors for all your digital pictures and video (256MB dedicated and 1663MB shared system memory).
  • Connectivity and Compatibility options include multiple USB and audio connections, 802.11b/g capability, 5-in-1 media reader and a Dual Layer DVD Optical Drive.

Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube

Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube.

Funniest Videos

Funniest Videos

As long as there has been email and Usenet, funny things have spread virally across the Internet. But with the rise of YouTube and other social video sharing sites, we’re now getting funny videos passed around on a regular basis. YouTube and sites like it have enabled a sort of global, crowdsourced version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to take place around the clock, making stars out of anyone who happens to get caught on camera doing something silly.

Some videos have had more staying power than others, and below we’ve hand-picked what we believe to be 10 of the most unforgettably funny viral videos of all time.



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