Thank you truck drivers, and Merry Christmas!

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Thank you truck drivers

Thank you truck drivers and Merry Christmas!

I was thinking about where I was last Christmas Eve. On the Pennsylvania Turnpike somewhere heading toward home.

My thoughts turn toward those truckers still out there on the road, and I just wanted to say , “thanks”. I spent the better part of the last 20 years running that open road, driving, driving, driving the nights away, listening to one radio station after the other and sometimes just listening to the highway roll by under my feet, and the droning hum of the big diesel engine whining the time away. All the C.B Rambo’s. All those night spent in the sleeper cab, bunking alone, thinking of what wife and kids were doing right at that moment. Making a phone call is nice, but just isn’t the same as being there. So, I know from experience the hardships and trials of the truck driver. I am not speaking from idle daydream or quoting someone else. I have driven coast to coast, top to bottom, and everything in between. Canada in January, the NY Thruway in the lake effect snows. Thrown down, broke down, laid down, and still kept on trucking. Because no matter how long it takes, that load still needs to be delivered.

So one more time … Hey Truck Drivers! Thank you for working for America!

And Merry Christmas! God Speed and Bless every one of my highway brothers! Be careful, stay safe out there and get home to your loved ones this Holiday Season!

On the road again

On the road again


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