Some fun facts about Rodney Brooks ~

Born in Marion, VA.

Had a dog named “Mutt” when I was a kid.

Worked at Pizza Hut as a teenager.

Joined the Army in 1978.

Got married in 1983

Had a daughter, Alicia, in 1983.

Had a son, John, in 1987.

Moved to Richmond, VA. in 1989.

Worked as a used car salesman in Fayettville, NC.

Worked for the Virginia Department of Corrections for a couple of years.

Drove a big rig over the road for 17 years.

Had my own computer business for 5 years.

Had a bout of “crazy” in 2001.

Was homeless for a few months in 2002.

Became a diabetic in 2003.

Lost my Dad in 2001.

Got my pit bull dog Sativa in 2004.

Will post up more stuff as it crosses my mind.




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