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Veterens Point of View Memorial Day

God Bless AmericaTo me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Memorial Day is the sacrifice of all those fallen military. I think of the World Wars, and Korea, and Vietnam. The Middle East. The World Trade Center. Fallen heroes. What would the world be like today if they had not made the ultimate sacrifice?

I certainly think of my service. The friendships, the brotherhood. Soldiers old and young. Where are they now, what has their life been like? Faces that I remember of young men in their prime. Now would be old, like mine. We are only young in our mind. Sgt’s, Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels. I remember Major Reeves, from Korea, communications post at the DMZ.

Keep the memory of those fallen always. And give thanks to those that have and are serving now.

God Bless America, Always!


“Amsterdam It Man 1” – 5 days in

Well, not really much going on, other than a fucking volcano!! WTF? This happens to me, WHY?  As of now, no flights. At sounding paranoid, I went ahead and booked my accommodation for an extra 5 days, just in case. My flight back to Philadelphia (then on to RIC), is still on for the 21st. If I have to stay longer, I am covered. Good thing to, because there is not an empty bed here, or anywhere else close, for that matter. Alright, now with the dirty….

First day in, late morning, bad bad jet lag all day. Forced myself to stay up until midnight to get “acclimated”.  Worked out well. First stop was “Barney’s”. I was there until 4 in the afternoon. Had some Nepalese Hash and some “NYC Diesel”, which was kick ass. Ate there. Just chilled chilled back at the room and watched the view out the window that night. Watched some TV. Went down the street and bought a bottle of Jenever later that night. Passed out around 12:15.

2nd day up and off to the Dampkring. In my opinion, it’s the best in Amsterdam. Beautiful place, great menu, great staff. 10 + in my book.

3rd day sick all morning. (Jenever). Out at 3pm for food. “Hutspot” with some braised part of a cow. Some Streusal bread.

Yesterday and today strolled around the square. Pissed in a public urinal and hit my 2nd fave, The Grey Area”. Got some Jack Herer. I like the The Grey Area, lot of celebrity stuff here, best bar and music overall.  (Went by the “Free”, but it was crowded, so I plan on going back by there Monday. Tomorrow is probably going to be rest day :p.  Stay in, not much going on on Sundays.

More later.

Barney's Coffee Shop


The Vape-Pen – Orange County Marijuana Delivery

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Ghosts And Other Paranormal Activities

Ghosts And Other Paranormal Activities

Do you believe in spirits?

Do you believe in spirits?

Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits? Poltergeist? Other paranormal activities?

For me personally the answer is a resounding NO. There is nothing in the experience of man, other than man’s own fear, that discloses the existence of ghosts or other paranormal beings. I watch, sometimes with dismay, as so-called paranormal investigators, and “psychic mediums”, chase, pursue, speak to, channel, converse, etc. to unseen spirits or whatever. These people are without doubt excellent at their game. The con is on. If you have ever paid for a psychic reading, my friend, you have been taken for a ride down the thievery road. What these people do is bunk. Hey, maybe they think spirits really are speaking to them. Maybe in their mind they are doing a great service for mankind. To all you psychic mediums out their that can “see dead people”, get some psychological help (not psychic-logical).

I mean, I am as open minded as the next person, and I have in my lifetime tried to see, contact, speak to, get messages from, hear,  and feel other worldly beings. Nothing. Nada. Nill. Not even a peep. I have spent nights in haunted places with nothing to come away with, other than the proof that human beings have enormous imaginations, and most often than not are scaring themselves.

If you are a medium, I challenge you to prove to me that you are truly psychic, and that you can speak with the dead.

I went to a psychic once to get a “reading”. She told me me my aura was dark. Huh, well, ok , maybe she was right, but the rest of the stuff she told me was crapola.

What does happen after death? No one really knows except the dead. I don’t go in for those “near death experiences” as proof of what happens after we die. Why? Because “near death” is not “death”, now is it? I don’t think the people are making up stories of what they have experienced, I just don’t think they made that journey to the other side.

I have noticed in the last few years that there are a lot of paranormal investigators popping up with all sorts of little ghost hunting, hi tech type gadgets, some of which they claim can hear ghost speak. One particular TV show I was watching had the investigators in Italy. They were checking out a haunted location and using the little ghost voice recorder thingy. The really funny thing is, those “Italian ghosts” were speaking English! Give me a break guys. If you are going to perpetrate a scam, at least take a minute to get the details right.

All said and done, I have to give two thumbs up to all those mediums, psychics, paranormal investigators, ghost busters, whisperers, and so forth. If you are getting paid good money, and not doing anything illegal, well hell yeah, go for it. Shit, I may even start a paranormal investigation company of my own. I wonder, how much do those guys charge to investigate a haunting? Wait a minute, I see something, is it a spirit? Oh, never mind, it’s just a dollar $ign.

Peace and Love!


Have a nice day!

Have a nice day

Have a nice day

Sometimes we humans will tend to take things way too serious, even the smallest thing. Remember to take time to enjoy your life and to live with a little zest. At my age, I tend to realize that there are fewer years ahead than I have left behind. Life is short, even shorter at 50. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, a quote I remember from some obscure source, yet nonetheless true. Take a minute of your day, each day to greet a stranger and ask them, “How are you today”, but REALLY MEAN IT.  It is a beautiful morning, mainly because I woke up and managed to stand up. So, when you look in the mirror this morning and see that old young person staring back at you, ask them to laugh a little, tell a joke, and remember a friend. Maybe you should call someone you have not talked to in a while, just to let them know you still think about them on occasion. Anyway, there are lots of things you can do to make your day, and your life, a little better. Seek those things out, and remember, making someone else’s life brighter will only make your own life brighter.




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