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“Amsterdam It Man 1” – 5 days in

Well, not really much going on, other than a fucking volcano!! WTF? This happens to me, WHY?  As of now, no flights. At sounding paranoid, I went ahead and booked my accommodation for an extra 5 days, just in case. My flight back to Philadelphia (then on to RIC), is still on for the 21st. If I have to stay longer, I am covered. Good thing to, because there is not an empty bed here, or anywhere else close, for that matter. Alright, now with the dirty….

First day in, late morning, bad bad jet lag all day. Forced myself to stay up until midnight to get “acclimated”.  Worked out well. First stop was “Barney’s”. I was there until 4 in the afternoon. Had some Nepalese Hash and some “NYC Diesel”, which was kick ass. Ate there. Just chilled chilled back at the room and watched the view out the window that night. Watched some TV. Went down the street and bought a bottle of Jenever later that night. Passed out around 12:15.

2nd day up and off to the Dampkring. In my opinion, it’s the best in Amsterdam. Beautiful place, great menu, great staff. 10 + in my book.

3rd day sick all morning. (Jenever). Out at 3pm for food. “Hutspot” with some braised part of a cow. Some Streusal bread.

Yesterday and today strolled around the square. Pissed in a public urinal and hit my 2nd fave, The Grey Area”. Got some Jack Herer. I like the The Grey Area, lot of celebrity stuff here, best bar and music overall.  (Went by the “Free”, but it was crowded, so I plan on going back by there Monday. Tomorrow is probably going to be rest day :p.  Stay in, not much going on on Sundays.

More later.

Barney's Coffee Shop


Pissing in public

Pissing in public

I was talking with a couple of co-workers a few days ago about this very subject, so I thought I would post up a thought on the matter:

Americans have for so long been a result of their prudish ancestors.  Most of us live in our little world of happiness and contentment, with the knowledge that the rest of the world is insane if they don’t agree with our ideals and values to the letter.

Look, I don’t care much for taking a whiz in front of just any passerby, but it really ain’t that big of a deal. After all, in Amsterdam it is common. Public urinals are everywhere. (and they do get used). After all, no one is going to be trying to stare at your tiny wiener. And if they are trying to see it, you have bigger problems to deal with than a public piss.

Most European countries I have been to/thru have had some sort of public potty here and there. Americans can probably relax in the fact that public urinals are most likely not coming to a street corner near you. Of course, for those of us that grew up in a rural country setting, taking a piss on the side of the road ain’t no big deal.



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