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“Amsterdam It Man 1” – 5 days in

Well, not really much going on, other than a fucking volcano!! WTF? This happens to me, WHY?  As of now, no flights. At sounding paranoid, I went ahead and booked my accommodation for an extra 5 days, just in case. My flight back to Philadelphia (then on to RIC), is still on for the 21st. If I have to stay longer, I am covered. Good thing to, because there is not an empty bed here, or anywhere else close, for that matter. Alright, now with the dirty….

First day in, late morning, bad bad jet lag all day. Forced myself to stay up until midnight to get “acclimated”.  Worked out well. First stop was “Barney’s”. I was there until 4 in the afternoon. Had some Nepalese Hash and some “NYC Diesel”, which was kick ass. Ate there. Just chilled chilled back at the room and watched the view out the window that night. Watched some TV. Went down the street and bought a bottle of Jenever later that night. Passed out around 12:15.

2nd day up and off to the Dampkring. In my opinion, it’s the best in Amsterdam. Beautiful place, great menu, great staff. 10 + in my book.

3rd day sick all morning. (Jenever). Out at 3pm for food. “Hutspot” with some braised part of a cow. Some Streusal bread.

Yesterday and today strolled around the square. Pissed in a public urinal and hit my 2nd fave, The Grey Area”. Got some Jack Herer. I like the The Grey Area, lot of celebrity stuff here, best bar and music overall.  (Went by the “Free”, but it was crowded, so I plan on going back by there Monday. Tomorrow is probably going to be rest day :p.  Stay in, not much going on on Sundays.

More later.

Barney's Coffee Shop


The Vape-Pen – Orange County Marijuana Delivery

The Vape-Pen > Orange County Marijuana Delivery.

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Medical Marijuana Legislation in VA

Medical Marijuana Legislation in VA

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

With 14 states already having passed legislation to allow the medical use of Marijuana, and many more with proposals before there state governments, what is the Commonwealth of Virginia doing to follow suite. VA seems to have some of the harshest laws in the country pertaining to the possession of small quantities of Cannabis. When are these political leaders going to realize that prohibition does not work, it didn’t work with alcohol, and it doesn’t work with Marijuana. Face it, weed is here to stay. To include it in the so-called “war on drugs”, is ludicrous. There are so many false myths perpetrated against hemp, and most people know them all, that it would be redundant to go into detail about each and every one. Like I said, weed ain’t goin’ nowhere, like it or not. Just as alcohol ain’t goin’ nowhere. Keeping weed illegal on any level, just creates a bigger black market, and in turn creates smuggling by organized criminals. A legal outlet for medical Cannabis can eventually eliminate the criminal element, for the most part. There will always be those that try to bypass the law, moon shiners still do it, I can attest to that fact via first hand knowledge.

If you make it legal, and tax it, and put governmental programs in place to police and control sales and distribution, and make sure there are stringent guidelines for the growing, sale, and use, it can only be a win-win situation for all. The state can collect millions of dollars, and the medicine that so many people desperately need will be available. Those with the means and desire will continue to use Marijuana

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Wells Fargo & Co.  – which medical-marijuana dispensary owners say is

Purple Buds

Purple Buds

virtually the only bank in Colorado willing to take their business – has stopped opening new accounts for dispensaries.

Cristie Drumm, a spokeswoman for the banking giant, said Wells Fargo is examining state and federal laws to determine what the bank’s risk is in working with dispensaries.

“We’re not actively opening accounts with these businesses at this time,” she said.

The move reflects a broader uneasiness among banks in the state about working with the medical-marijuana industry, and it marks one more cloud hovering over dispensaries.  Though Drumm said she was unsure whether the bank would also re-evaluate its existing dispensary accounts, news of Wells Fargo’s change in attitude has dispensary owners worried they might lose a key ally in their business plans.

“We wouldn’t have a bank to put our money in,” said Ryan Vincent, who owns The Health Center in Denver.  “I don’t know what we would do.  We’d probably have to start rallying to put together a credit union.”

Vincent said every dispensary he knows of uses Wells Fargo as its bank, largely because the industry has received a cold shoulder from other financial institutions.  While Vincent said he understands the bank’s need to do what’s best for its business, he said shutting out dispensaries would deprive the bank of needed customers and deprive dispensaries of needed stability, possibly forcing them to operate in shadowy, cash-heavy ways.

“It’s interesting to see that there’s money and no one wants to hold onto it,” Vincent said.  “We’re trying to be a legitimate, above-board industry in Colorado.”

Tim Powers, a spokesman for the Colorado Bankers Association, agreed that it’s unusual for banks to turn away potential customers, but he said legal and regulatory considerations have made many banks uncomfortable working with dispensaries.  Federal law requires that banks not do business with companies operating illegally, and marijuana distribution – for medical purposes or not – is still illegal federally.

“Regulators are basically saying, ‘Approach this with caution.  There could be problems,’ ” Powers said.  “Because of that, a lot of banks are taking the ultra-conservative approach.”

“There’s just lots of unknowns in this new emerging field of business.”

That’s true for dispensaries as well as banks.

“We wake up every morning with a new thing thrown at us,” Vincent said.



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