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Veterens Point of View Memorial Day

God Bless AmericaTo me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Memorial Day is the sacrifice of all those fallen military. I think of the World Wars, and Korea, and Vietnam. The Middle East. The World Trade Center. Fallen heroes. What would the world be like today if they had not made the ultimate sacrifice?

I certainly think of my service. The friendships, the brotherhood. Soldiers old and young. Where are they now, what has their life been like? Faces that I remember of young men in their prime. Now would be old, like mine. We are only young in our mind. Sgt’s, Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels. I remember Major Reeves, from Korea, communications post at the DMZ.

Keep the memory of those fallen always. And give thanks to those that have and are serving now.

God Bless America, Always!


Medical Marijuana Legislation in VA

Medical Marijuana Legislation in VA

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

With 14 states already having passed legislation to allow the medical use of Marijuana, and many more with proposals before there state governments, what is the Commonwealth of Virginia doing to follow suite. VA seems to have some of the harshest laws in the country pertaining to the possession of small quantities of Cannabis. When are these political leaders going to realize that prohibition does not work, it didn’t work with alcohol, and it doesn’t work with Marijuana. Face it, weed is here to stay. To include it in the so-called “war on drugs”, is ludicrous. There are so many false myths perpetrated against hemp, and most people know them all, that it would be redundant to go into detail about each and every one. Like I said, weed ain’t goin’ nowhere, like it or not. Just as alcohol ain’t goin’ nowhere. Keeping weed illegal on any level, just creates a bigger black market, and in turn creates smuggling by organized criminals. A legal outlet for medical Cannabis can eventually eliminate the criminal element, for the most part. There will always be those that try to bypass the law, moon shiners still do it, I can attest to that fact via first hand knowledge.

If you make it legal, and tax it, and put governmental programs in place to police and control sales and distribution, and make sure there are stringent guidelines for the growing, sale, and use, it can only be a win-win situation for all. The state can collect millions of dollars, and the medicine that so many people desperately need will be available. Those with the means and desire will continue to use Marijuana

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Snow storm hits Richmond and the central Virginia area

Richmond Snow Storm

Snow storm hits Richmond and the central Virginia area

Originally they were calling for 3-6 inches of snow here. Then it changed to 6-12 inches, then it changed to 2-5 inches, then it changed to 2-12 inches. As of now, since it has started snowing, they say the Richmond, VA. metro area will get 8-14 inches. That means it is gonna snow like hell. Or, well, snow like whoa.

I took my dog out this morning and she enjoyed the snow long enough to sniff, pee, poop, then head for the house. She ain’t no dummy. Playing in the snow is for kids and pups.



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