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Jerry Reed-Today Is Mine

Beautiful song by a wonderful talent. Jerry Reed is probably one of the most under rated guitarists and vocalist that was ever recorded in Nashville. Although he is gone, his music should not be forgotten.

Jerry brings us an important message about cherishing each day (and what a gift it is)! Listen close to these powerful lyrics that he penned back in 1968.

YouTube Down: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable. Hackers? or worse?

YouTube Down: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable : Product Reviews Net.

YouTube Down: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

YouTube Down: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable??

Millions of YouTube users will be waking up to learn that the online video website is down, and has been since 7am Eastern Time this morning. When I first visited the site I was greeted with the message “Http/1.1 ServiceUnavailable”, that keeps changing back-and-fourth, just now it read “Service unavailable”.

Center Networks found that all embedded videos still work, but we cannot be certain of that. Go check your embedded YouTube Videos and let us know if yours are still up?

Twitter is on fire at the moment with this story, and we have not heard anything from YouTube about what the problem is and how long it will take to fix. This outage is sure to become a nightmare later when the U.S. start hitting the website.


Layla (unplugged version) guitar

Layla unplugged 2 Eric ClaptonI remember the first time I saw Clapton performing this song on MTV Unplugged. That was back in the 80’s, If I remember correctly. I recall not being too excited about the song, and thinking about how much better the original is.

It seems like this version has become the standard for the song. Whenever you mention “Layla” to anyone these days, they immediately think about the unplugged version. Either way, Eric Clapton and Layla are part of rock legend.

I like it more these days, especially when I play it on guitar. (gettin slow in my old age).

Link to chords and lyrics.

Play/download the song in (Links in “Downloads”)


Blue On Black – Acoustic Guitar

Blue on BlackThanks to Pam, Susan, and Joe for getting me started practicing this song on my guitar this past Saturday night. After listening to it, It got stuck in my head. Blue On Black is a song that my band I,  (when we still played often), used to play “back in the day”, when the tune first made the top ten. We always did the acoustic version and I still haven’t learned the solo part yet. Our lead guitar player was Joey Stason at the time and he could burn that solo up man, I mean, he hit every Kenny Wayne Shepherd lick, then some. I lost track of Jason when he went to Iraq with the Marines in 2001.

Free play or download in (Links to the right).


The song can be played with 4 chords, mainly in progression with one break.

Chords are D, C, G and A. All modified.
The “A” is played at the break during the end verse of the chorus.

Link for Blue on Black lyrics.

Other than that I am not going to get any further into it. I ain’t here to give a lesson, I am here to write about it.



Avatar ~ my review

Avatar banner


Avatar: Review – by R. Brooks

Looks like I had the wrong first impression. via previews of this movie. I thought this was going to be another one of those Star Wars wannabes or a Battlestar Galactica upgrade of some kind. I could not have been more wrong. I don’t know if “epic” would be the proper word here, Avatar was a very powerful film. Not only in it’s visual sense, of course the CGI effects were excellent, but the interaction between the animated characters and the human characters and the two environments was seamless. Once engaged in the story of the struggle between the good guys and the bad guys, the effects are completely forgotten.

One can’t help but notice the relation between the advanced invaders and the so-called savages of the planet Pandora. A throw back to other cultures of our own world? Well, of course, art imitates life. Right? Well, anyway ….

A wonderful film, Avatar is not least of all a great love story that has heart, with soul, with unforgettable characters. You get drawn in until the very end.

One thing I hope, which probably is mute, is that they DO NOT make an “Avatar II”. This seemed to be a total package. Like reading a good book with a great ending. You don’t need another book to screw up the first one. Avatar is one of those films.

Oh yeah, most creative use of alien appendages should be a new category for the Oscars.

If you have not seen Avatar. Go see it. If you wait for the DVD, be sure to buy it or rent it. In other words, this is for sure one movie that is worth a couple of hours of your time.

The PG-13 rating is appropriate due to the violence, no really bad language or nudity.

IMDB – Click here for a complete synopsis of the movie. Stars, plot, characters, image galleries, etc.


UFC 107 BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video, Dec. 12 From Memphis

UFC 107 BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez Video, Dec. 12 From Memphis –

Watch the entire fight here!

BJ Penn vs. Sanchez fight video is still hot a few days after UFC 107 took Memphis, Tennessee by storm.  Davidson County UFC fans trekked a short distance to nearby Memphis in order to see BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez in this highly anticipated fight.  Those that went to the match got a show that was worth the money they shelled out for tickets, as Penn left Sanchez in quite a mess.

Penn vs Sanchez

Penn vs Sanchez

Sanchez was left with a gash on his forehead, and welts around both eyes.  The fighter also had a bleeding ear.  Despite his injuries, Sanchez didn’t give up – it was the referee that ended the match. According to, “The final round began with a familiar pattern of Sanchez trying, and failing, to get Penn to the mat in order to mount an attack. Finally, the look on Sanchez’ face began to show frustration, and then a kick to the head by Penn opened up a nasty gash on the challenger’s forehead. With blood covering his face, referee Herb Dean brought in the Octagonside physician, who recommended that the bout be halted. Dean agreed, stopping the fight at the 2:37 mark.”

Those that missed the fight can still see the full length fight video.  The video is over 30 minutes long, making it a great match-up between two very talented UFC fighters.  Those in Davidson County that purchased tickets are lucky they were so close to the UFC 107 fight.


Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube

Top 10 Funny Videos on YouTube.

Funniest Videos

Funniest Videos

As long as there has been email and Usenet, funny things have spread virally across the Internet. But with the rise of YouTube and other social video sharing sites, we’re now getting funny videos passed around on a regular basis. YouTube and sites like it have enabled a sort of global, crowdsourced version of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to take place around the clock, making stars out of anyone who happens to get caught on camera doing something silly.

Some videos have had more staying power than others, and below we’ve hand-picked what we believe to be 10 of the most unforgettably funny viral videos of all time.



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